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2017-12-04 13:32:00

From a DNA experiment at a secondary school to consultation and advice for single-use solutions.

Gemiddelde leestijd 2 minuut Door Nick Boelen op 4 december 2017

When I was allowed to do a DNA experiment during one of my biology lessons at secondary school, I became interested in Life Sciences. Since 1 November 2017, I’ve been a member of the Hitma team and I can put everything that I learned during my studies into practice.

Interest in technology
Between my time at secondary school and the start of my career at Hitma, there were a number of years in which I further developed my interest in technology. After secondary school, I moved from Sliedrecht to Leiden to study Life Science & Technology at Delft Technical University and the University of Leiden. A good study, but I never saw a future for myself working in a laboratory. That’s why after I finished my Bachelor’s I chose a Master’s degree that focused more on the business side of the technology. In the end, I opted for the Master’s programme Management of Technology at Delft Technical University.

Consultation and advice for single-use solutions
After completing my studies, I came in contact with Hitma. They offered me a job and I took it! At Hitma, I’m going to focus on consultation and advice in the area of single-use solutions. I like to think along with customers and look at all the possible options for their specific process with them. In doing this, I work closely together with single-use specialist Rick Nibte. I also enjoy keeping close track of developments in the market. This is because single-use products are becoming more and more popular.

Single-use and core business
I’ve noticed that more and more companies are switching to single-use technology so that they can focus more on their core business. That’s a good development in my opinion. Because single-use solutions not only save time and money, they’re also good for the environment. How does that work exactly? My colleague Anne Marijke has written a blog about it.

Nick Boelen


Nick Boelen

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